The Best Graphic Design Software for an Online Store

Choose the best graphic design software for your business with this detailed look at the features, and performance of some of the most preferred paid and free graphic design software available.

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What is graphic design software

Graphic design software is used to create and edit visual media. There are plenty of options in the market, from those that only help remove backgrounds from images to professional tools that can be used to create, edit, and manipulate images for personal or business use.

Why you need graphic design software

Visual media is vital to every online store, especially ones involved in eCommerce. Images and professionally designed product mockups give your store and brand a personality, showcase your products in an appealing way, and give your customers a clear pictorial representation of what they are buying.

From creating your own product mockups and product videos to creating marketing collaterals, graphic design software can make the process simpler and more efficient.

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The must-haves for any graphic design software

Your choice of graphic design software will depend on your needs. You could be looking for graphic design software for beginners, or graphic design software that helps create product mock-ups. In either situation, your focus should be on finding graphic design software that fulfills the following, basic requirements.

Autosave and Backup Features

No one likes losing their work to tech malfunctions or crashes. Especially if it’s design-based and has taken them hours to perfect. Autosave and backup features in graphic design tools can ensure that tech glitches don’t hinder the progress you’ve made with your designs.

Shorter Learning Curve and Ease of Use

Professional graphic design software that takes months to learn is not going to be useful if you plan on releasing your designs within a week. Look for graphic design software for beginners that is easy to use and intuitive.


Software that only works on top-of-the-line personal computers may not be the best option for every type of business. Tools that aren’t power-hungry but deliver the results you need are the ones you should look for.

Broad Export Settings

Graphic design software that lets you export designs in various formats can make collaborating and creating an array of collaterals hassle-free.

Pre-Installed Assets

Assets like templates, stock images, and vector elements can greatly enhance the quality of your designs. These can be especially useful if you’re not an expert graphic designer.

Collaboration Options

Graphic design software with live collaboration options are a boon for every team. They prevent unnecessary back & forth and allow for collaborative remote work.

Regular Updates

Look for graphic design software that introduces regular updates to fix bugs and upgrade features & assets. Such software ensures your work continues without any hitches and you have access to templates, stock media, and vectors that align with the latest design trends.

Different pricing models graphic design software companies follow

There isn’t an industry-wide practice for pricing when it comes to graphic design software. Many companies work on a subscription model, while others charge a one-time fee. There are also plenty of open-source software options that are completely free to use, however slightly lacking in terms of the free media and assets provided. Here are some of the pricing models that you are likely to encounter when looking for online graphic design software.

Our picks for the best graphic design software

There’s plenty of graphic design software in the market for you to choose from. Here’s a look at four of the best graphic design software options for online stores and small businesses.

With over 100 million users and a easy-to-learn interface, Canva is a popular choice for small and big businesses alike. Canva offers a library of over 160 million pre-made templates, stock media, vector graphics and more.It is a one stop solution for online sellers who need an online design tool that requires zero design experience.

  • Easy to use with over 160 million templates and design assets
  • Available on browsers without needing installation
  • Perfect for social media images, emailers, presentations, and more

Adobe Express consists of several standard graphic design features that make it a quicker or more novice-friendly contemporary for Adobe’s more advanced graphic design software. Adobe Express can sync well with Adobe InDesign, Premiere, Illustrator, etc.

  • Free templates and stock media
  • Perfect for those who are used to the Adobe ecosystem
  • Bundle fees make payments easier and provide cloud storage

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Glorify makes creating static and 3D product mockups for your website and marketing collaterals a cakewalk. With Glorify’s easy-to-understand graphic design features and professional templates you can create product images, 3D mockups, and product videos in no time!

  • Professionally-designed, eCommerce-specific customizable templates
  • Helps you plan, design, launch, and analyze your product images
  • Exports designs in various sizes and file formats

Figma’s features have been optimized for creating user interface designs. You can use Figma to build the UI for mobile applications, website plugins, and more. As a tool that primarily serves a more advanced need, it isn’t as easy to use as Canva or Glorify.

  • Good for application design
  • Has a useful brainstorming feature called FigJam
  • Option to use as a desktop app or on a browser

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FAQs about graphic design softwares

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