Find the Best Logo Maker for an Online Store

If you’ve been wondering how to make a logo, read ahead for everything you need to know about getting a logo maker for your online store. Including the features, fees, and must-haves to look for before you get started.

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What is a logo maker

A brand logo maker or logo creator is an online tool that generates logos in seconds with minimal input from users. These tools use AI, templates, or a combination of both to create beautiful logos that are contextual to your brand and business.

Why you need a logo maker

A business logo maker can save time and capital on what is otherwise an expensive marketing investment. With the advancement of AI, generated logos look better than ever. With a logo maker, it will take you mere clicks and a few minutes to start developing your brand.

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The must-haves for any logo maker app

The results you get from AI-based (or even template-based) logo makers are as detailed as your inputs. Even the best logo maker will generate generic designs if you don’t detail your wants beforehand. However, when deliberating between all the logo makers in the market, these features are an absolute must to look out for:

Detailed Inputs

A logo maker that gathers more details from you will likely produce better results. Questions about your industry and company are a must. Many logo makers also try to capture the essence of your brand by asking questions about brand-tone descriptives that translate into fonts, colors, etc.


It never hurts to have greater agency when deliberating over logos. A logo maker often presents multiple options, but the best ones also generate logos with different art styles and shapes.


A portfolio of previous work, ideally from the same industry as your business, can help you make an informed choice before you invest time and capital into a logo maker.

In-built Design Platform

Chances are that the logo of your choice won’t entirely match your vision. An in-built and easy-to-learn design tool can help save time on making minor edits to your generated logo.

Export Option For Open Files

Open files allow you to make iterations of your logo over time. Look for a logo maker that gives you editable files in formats that can be read by commonly used design software.

Quality Customer Service

It always helps to have a well-trained customer service team that guides you through the process when you can’t seem to get the logo you truly want.

Branding Bundles

Look for a logo maker that also provides additional branding services. These bundles will often come at a discount and will save time and capital that can be invested elsewhere.

What the different logo maker pricing plans look like

Many logo makers charge little to zero fees to generate logos. However, these logo makers will only be able to customize templates using your brand name. Which could lead to your brand sharing a logo design with another. Paid logo services invest time in building AI that creates unique logo options every time. Here are the different pricing models used by logo maker apps. Give them a look and choose a business logo maker with a payment plan you find comfortable.

Our picks for the best logo maker companies

These companies have created beautiful logos for businesses and startups. With affordable pricing, great customer service, and a wide range of logo options, you don’t need to look any further.

Tailor Brands is an AI logo maker that generates unique logo options. The logo maker takes your input about your company and brand to generate multiple logo options within seconds. You don’t need to pay unless you wish to purchase one of the generated logos.

  • Detailed questions about your brand, which lead to contextual logos
  • Logo generation is free; you only pay when you wish to purchase a logo
  • Complete ownership over the logo once purchased

Logo Maker is a branding tool for small businesses that offers design for logos and business cards. Their easy-to-learn tools are helpful when modifying or upgrading your existing brand logo.

  • Option to upload and edit your own logo
  • Can create business cards and websites

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Brand Crowd is an online marketplace where sellers upload logo designs with fictional brand names, sometimes with ready-made branding packages, for online store owners and business owners to buy. While these are handcrafted, there’s a high possibility of them not being the most unique logo options.

  • You get to choose from pre-made design templates
  • You get a handcrafted logo instead of an AI-generated logo

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