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Save up to $15 on CJ Dropshipping with Elevate.store’s deal on CJ Dropshipping costs


CJ Dropshipping

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What is CJ Dropshipping?

CJ Dropshipping is a dropshipping platform designed to assist online sellers in finding and sourcing products from suppliers and manufacturers globally. CJ Dropshipping offers an array of services beneficial to both startups and established online businesses. These services include product sourcing, branding, and shipping, making it easier for online sellers to manage their operations without dealing with inventory or fulfillment issues. Get up to $15 off CJ Dropshipping costs with Elevate.store’s deal on CJ Dropshipping.


Save big on your CJ Dropshipping fees with Elevate.store’s deal for up to $15 off.


  • Fully functional online store and blog platform.
  • Sell unlimited products.
  • Up to 2 staff accounts for task delegation.
  • Marketing automation for customer engagement.
  • E-commerce automation to streamline tasks.
  • 24/7 live chat support.

CJ Dropshipping simplifies logistics by handling order fulfillment and shipping, freeing you to focus on marketing and customer engagement. The platform offers custom branding options, allowing you to strengthen your brand presence through unique packaging. Get up to $15 off on CJ Dropshipping costs with Elevate.store.

Everything that’s included with CJ Dropshipping:

Product Sourcing Included
Print-on-Demand Services Included
Quality Control Included
e-commerce Platform Integration Included
Automatic Order Fulfillment Included
Global Warehousing Included
Custom Branding Services Included
Diverse Shipping Options Included
Customer Support Included

Product Sourcing

CJ Dropshipping allows users to request the sourcing of specific products not currently available in their catalog.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

The platform offers warehousing services in various global locations, including China, the USA, Germany, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Print on Demand (POD)

CJ Dropshipping provides print-on-demand services, allowing sellers to offer customized products without managing inventory.

Integration with Major eCommerce Platforms

The platform integrates seamlessly with popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, and more.

Quality Control

Before shipping, products undergo a quality control process to ensure they meet the seller's and customers' expectations.

Stripe features you’ll love

  • Seamless Checkout Experience: With Stripe's customizable and mobile-friendly checkout experience, you can streamline the payment process, reduce cart abandonment, and improve conversion rates.
  • Subscription Management: Stripe simplifies subscription billing with automated recurring payments, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both you and your customers.
  • Advanced Fraud Protection: Utilizing machine learning algorithms, Stripe Radar offers robust fraud detection and prevention measures, safeguarding your business from fraudulent transactions and chargebacks.
  • Marketplace Payments: If you operate a marketplace or platform, Stripe Connect enables you to easily manage payments to multiple parties, facilitating smoother transactions and revenue distribution.
  • Insightful Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your business performance with Stripe's detailed financial reports and real-time analytics, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your operations.

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Why you need this deal on CJ Dropshipping fees

CJ Dropshipping is an asset for your online store, especially if you're leveraging the dropshipping model or aiming to streamline your e-commerce operations. Its comprehensive services eliminate the need for you to manage inventory, significantly reducing upfront costs and risks associated with unsold goods. Save up to $15 on CJ dropshipping costs with Elevate.store’s deal on CJ dropshipping.

Important CJ Dropshipping features

  • Product Sourcing features: Specific product sourcing on request, Print on Demand (POD)
  • Product Management features: Quality control, inventory management
  • Integration and Automation features: eCommerce platform integration, automatic order fulfillment
  • Branding and Customization features: Branding services, product customization
  • Shipping and Fulfillment features: Global warehousing, diverse shipping options

What people love about CJ Dropshipping

CJ dropshipping provides a great fulfillment service, very reliable and fast shipping

The eligibility criteria

  • Sellers who don’t use .store get $3 off purchases over $10, $5 off for purchases over $20 and $7 off for purchases over $30
  • Sellers on a .store domain get $3 off purchases over $10, $5 off purchases over $20, $7 off purchases over $30 and $10 off purchases over $50

How CJ Dropshipping compares to CJ Dropshipping alternatives

Here's a detailed comparison of CJ Dropshipping vs Oberlo and CJ Dropshipping vs Spocket. CJ Dropshipping stands out by offering a wide range of products, including print-on-demand, extensive quality control, and supporting multiple eCommerce platforms. Get up to $15 off CJ Dropshipping with Elevate.store’s deal on CJ Dropshipping costs.

CJ Dropshipping
Product Range Extensive Extensive (AliExpress)Curated, high-quality
Print on Demand Yes NoLimited
Quality Control Yes No, relies on AliExpress standardsYes
e-commerce Platform Integration Multiple platforms Shopify onlyShopify, WooCommerce, and more
Automatic Order Fulfillment Yes YesYes
Global Warehousing Yes NoLimited
Supplier Vetting Yes No, relies on AliExpress standardsYes
Custom Branding Options Yes NoYes, on selected products
Shipping Times Varied, faster with global warehouses Varies, generally longerFaster in the US and EU
Customer Support 24/7 LimitedDedicated support
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