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What is Minea?

Minea is a comprehensive product search software designed to empower e-commerce businesses and marketers by providing deep insights into product trends, advertising strategies, and market dynamics. It offers robust features for tracking competitor activity, analyzing market trends, and discovering successful advertising campaigns across various platforms. Get Elevate.store’s Minea coupon code for 20% off Minea pricing.


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  • Comprehensive market and product trend analysis
  • Competitor advertisement tracking
  • Insights into market dynamics
  • Advertisement success metrics
  • Unlimited search queries
  • Support for up to 2 user accounts
  • Customer engagement tools
  • E-commerce optimization strategies
  • 24/7 customer support

Launch winning products & boost sales with Minea's product search software. Unlock a vast array of features designed to provide deep insights into market trends, competitor strategies, and advertising effectiveness. With its intuitive interface and dedicated customer support, Minea is perfect for businesses aiming to enhance their market research and advertising efforts. Get Elevate.store’s Minea discount code for 20% off Minea pricing.

Everything that’s included in with the Minea Starter plan:

10,000 credits Included
Facebook Ads Included
Influencer placements Included
Details of ads and placements Included
Advanced Filters Included
Chrome Extension Included

Product Trend Analysis

Leverage detailed analytics to identify and understand product trends across the market, ensuring your inventory remains relevant and competitive.

Competitor Advertisement Tracking

Track and analyze your competitors' advertising strategies to gain insights and optimize your own marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Market Dynamics Insights

Access comprehensive data on market dynamics to make informed decisions about product offerings and marketing strategies.

Advertisement Success Metrics

Evaluate the success of various advertising campaigns with key performance metrics, helping you to refine and enhance your marketing approach.

Unlimited Search Queries

Conduct an unlimited number of search queries to continuously explore new products, trends, and advertising insights without any restrictions.

Customer Engagement Tools

Engage with your audience effectively using Minea's tools designed to enhance customer interactions and loyalty.

Minea Starter plan features you’ll love

  • Real-Time Market Analytics: Access real-time data on market trends, consumer behavior, and competitor strategies to make informed decisions.
  • Unlimited Competitive Insights: Unlimited access to competitor product launches, pricing strategies, and advertising campaigns, enabling you to stay one step ahead.
  • Personalized Ad Analysis: Detailed analysis of your and your competitors' ad performances, helping you refine your marketing strategy for better ROI.
  • Customizable Alert Settings: Set custom alerts for specific competitors, product categories, or market changes, ensuring you're always informed.

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Why you need this Minea discount code

Minea is the best product search tool for e-commerce and can be a game-changer for your online store. With Minea's advanced product search capabilities, you gain invaluable insights into market trends and competitor strategies, ensuring your store is equipped for success. Get your Minea discount code for 20% off Minea pricing from Elevate.store.

Important Minea features

  • Market Analysis features: In-depth analysis of product trends, market dynamics tracking, competitor strategy insights
  • Advertising Insights features: Competitor advertisement tracking, advertisement success metrics, benchmarking
  • Search and Discovery features: Unlimited search queries, filtering options for precise market research
  • Collaboration and Management features: Support for up to 2 user accounts, role-based access control
  • Customer Engagement Tools: Tools to analyze and improve customer interactions, engagement strategies
  • E-commerce Optimization features: Insights into e-commerce best practices, optimization strategies for online stores
  • Support and Customer Service features: 24/7 customer support, dedicated assistance for all users

What people love about Minea

Minea offers a huge database of winning products

How Minea compares to Minea alternatives

Here's a comparison of Minea vs Exploding Topics, Minea vs Sell The Trend, and Minea vs Dropship.io. Minea stands out for its comprehensive approach to market analysis, trend discovery, and ad tracking, making it a robust choice for e-commerce businesses aiming to stay ahead in a competitive landscape. You can also get 20% off for 3 months on Minea’s starter plan with Elevate.store’s Minea discount code.

Pricing $49/month $97/month$39.97/month$29/month
Market Analysis Yes YesLimitedNo
Trend Discovery Yes YesYesYes
Ad Tracking Yes NoNoLimited
Search Queries Unlimited UnlimitedLimitedUnlimited
User Accounts Up to 2 111
Engagement Tools Yes NoLimitedNo
E-commerce Optimization Yes NoYesYes
Support 24/7 Email Support24/7 Live ChatEmail & Chat
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