The Best Product Photography Tool for an Online Store

Choose the best product photography tool for your business with the help of this detailed look at the features, cost, and performance of some of the best eCommerce photography tools.

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What is product photography

eCommerce product photography is exactly what it sounds like. It is photographing your products with the help of a professional photographer or service. You can use these photos on your website and social media platforms to help increase traffic to your online store and boost sales.

Why you need product photography

Product photos are important for all eCommerce businesses. As customers cannot physically see or feel your products, the product images and mockups used need to sell for you. Using professional product imagery can also increase engagement with your website and build customer trust in your brand.

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The must-haves for any ecommerce product photography tool

Product photos for eCommerce stores must be as visually striking as possible. To ensure you will get the best possible result back, choose a product photography tool based on the following criteria.

Real-time collaboration

The most efficient way to get the best pictures out of a shoot is to have real-time collaboration. This means you get to share your feedback and the photographer gets to implement it before the shoot is closed. Product photography apps like Soona share images with you in real-time so that you can share your feedback and have it implemented immediately to speed up the process.

Backdrops & studio props

Most product photography apps like Soona give you complete creative control over the backdrops and props used for the shoot. This is to ensure that your vision for your product photos is brought to life. A good product photography service will also ensure the best cameras for product photography and the best lighting for product photography are part of your shoot.

Short turnaround time

Make sure that the eCommerce product photography tool you choose offers a turnaround time that’s no more than a couple of days. Soona product photography offers a 24-hour or 1-day turnaround time.

Virtual shoots

While this isn't essential, it is good to have the option to run and manage your product photography shoots remotely. Soona, for example, lets you view and weigh in on your shoots virtually.

What are the different pricing methods used by product photography tools

Professional photographers and product photography tools use a variety of pricing models to set their rates. Typically, eCommerce photos are charged on a per photo rate, while creative photos are based on a day rate. However, every studio and individual does it differently. Here are some of the pricing models that you are likely to encounter when looking for a product photography tool online.

Our picks for the best product photography tools

There’s plenty of graphic design software in the market for you to choose from. Here’s a look at four of the best graphic design software options for online stores and small businesses.

Soona is the world’s first virtual product photography studio for online businesses and stores. They help stores and businesses of all sizes get their dream product shoot complete with backdrops, lifestyle scenes, and 500+ models to choose from.

  • Quick 24-hour turnaround time
  • Complete creative control over every photoshoot
  • Realtime collaboration, immediate implementation, and edited final product

Product Photography is a remote product photography studio that specializes in product photography for websites, the Amazon marketplace, Shopify, BigCommerce, marketing materials, and more. They are however a mail-order product photography service and ship the photos to you once a shoot is complete.

  • Experienced photographers on staff
  • In-house photo editing
  • Custom lighting arrangement for each shoot

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Squareshot is a product photography service with a network of studios across the U.S. They employ talented experienced professionals and are scattered across the world.

  • 8-day and 4-day turnaround time options
  • Accept and make any revisions needed due to a Squareshot error
  • Standard retouching is included with every image

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FAQs about eCommerce product photography tools

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