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What is Soona?

Soona is the world’s first virtual product photography studio that helps online stores of all sizes get their dream product shoot complete with Soona backdrops, lifestyle scenes, and 500+ models to choose from. Save $39 on Soona photography pricing with’s Soona coupon.


Get cart-worthy Soona photos and videos for your products with’s Soona coupon.


  • Grow your store with Soona’s product photography
  • See photos live on your Soona dashboard and make real-time adjustments
  • Buy only what you love from a shoot; every photo will be professionally edited
  • Bring your store to life with Soona backdrops, props, and models

Get cart-worthy Soona photos and videos from anywhere. Soona helps stores of all sizes get their dream shoot complete with Soona backdrops and lifestyle scenes. Join your shoot virtually, view the content in real-time, and buy only the photos you love!

Everything that’s included in the Soona Photos plan

Standard editing Included
Soona backdrops & studio props Included
24-hour delivery Included
Lifestyle scenes Included
Real-time collaboration Included
Live virtual shoot Included

Photo and video

Grow your store with better product photos and videos from Soona. Soona makes it easy for brands to get quality content at affordable prices.

Live virtual shoot

See photos appear live in your Soona dashboard. Share your feedback, and Soona will make real-time adjustments.

Pay for what you love

Buy only your favorite assets from a Soona product photography shoot and get professionally edited content for your store within 24hrs.


Tap into Soona's network of over 600 pros to bring your store to life with great backdrops, props, and models, all managed by Soona.

Soona Photos plan features you’ll love

  • Virtual shoots - Set up, supervise, and organize product shoots virtually.
  • Real-time collaboration - Give feedback on the pictures you receive and see them reworked in real-time.
  • Creative control - Have complete creative control over the prop, scenery, and final product.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - No more settling for subpar product shots, with Soona, you only need to buy the pictures you love.

How to redeem this Soona discount

  • Step 1 - Select your deal

    Click on ‘Get Deal’ on this page to save $39 on Soona.

  • Step 2 - Create your account

    Sign up to get the deal in your account.

  • Step 3 - Redeem your deal

    Click on ‘View Code’ to get the discount code. Redeem on the Soona website.

Why you need this Soona coupon

An online store's products are only as good as the images and videos that represent them. Soona product photography can set you up with great images. Soona photography is the only platform that gives you complete creative control over the shoot and helps make the process a lot simpler by pairing you with the best product photographers for your needs.

What people love about Soona

Soona has a very innovative method of work, which is a breeze and a true pleasure.

The eligibility criteria

  • Offer valid on the first shoot only.
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