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What is Haloo?

Built by attorneys, Haloo’s self-service tools make trademark registration easy and affordable for everyone. Save 10% on Haloo trademark with Elevate.store’s trademark engine coupon code.


Protect your IP with a trademark using Elevate.store’s Haloo trademark engine coupon code.


  • Attorney-quality self-representing trademark registration tools
  • 58-second trademark search time
  • Flawless searches and applications
  • Zero chance of trademark rejection due to human error

Use Haloo’s AI to save thousands of dollars on attorneys and register a trademark yourself using their attorney-quality self-service tools.

Everything that’s included in Haloo

Pro trademark search report Included
Drag and drop trademark application Included
Simple filing instructions Included
Backed by USPTO examiners Included
USPTO compliance guarantee Included
Error-free filing Included
Trademarking cost breakdown Included


Self-representing with AI-powered professional tools will save thousands you and your store, thousands on attorneys.


A trademark search can take an attorney a week. Haloo takes 58 seconds.

Easy and intuitive

The thorough and USPTO-compliant AI produces flawless searches and applications in minutes, even if you’ve never filed for a trademark before.

Fewer errors

1 in 5 trademark applications get rejected because of human errors. Haloo’s AI eliminates that risk for your store.

Haloo features you’ll love

  • Pro-quality search report - Attorney-quality tools that produce professional trademark registration search reports in under a minute.
  • Simple filing instructions - Self-service tools with step-by-step instructions on filing trademark registration paperwork.
  • USPTO compliance guarantee - Built with USPTO examiners to create USPTO compliant filings
  • Cost breakdown - Itemized breaks down of the cost of filing so that you know exactly how much you spend and on what

How to redeem this Haloo discount

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Why you need this Haloo discount

Trademark registration allows you to protect your investment in your business, build brand equity, sell through distributors, register for Amazon Brand Registry, and more. Haloo’s self-service tools make online trademark registration, and trademark registration search easy and affordable for everyone. So you can save money on attorneys and get everything you need to file a successful trademark application.

Important Haloo features

  • Trademarking features: Professional-quality search report, thorough vetting, identical trademark flagging
  • Application features: US Patent and Trademark Office compliant application, error-free filing, online trademark registration cost breakdown

How Haloo compares to alternatives

When exploring options for trademark registration and management, it's crucial to work with a detailed comparison of Haloo vs. TramaTM, Haloo vs. Trademark Engine, and Haloo vs. Markavo. A thoughtful comparison of these services can help you select the most suitable solution based on your specific requirement. Additionally, promotional offerings like a haloo trademark engine coupon code or a tramatm promo code can make certain options more appealing. Let’s dive into how Haloo compares with each of these alternatives.

Pricing $149 + state filing fees $450/trademark class$149 + USPTO filing fees$185 + USPTO filing fees
Trademark search report Included Not includedNot includedNot included
Simple filing instructions Included Not includedNot includedNot included
Trademarking cost breakdown Included Not includedNot includedNot included
Request processing time 1 hour 1 week5 business daysNot available
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