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45-Day Free Trial

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What is Hotjar?

Hotjar is an analysis and feedback tool that helps you understand user behavior and improve your site's experience and performance rates. With’s deal for savings on Hotjar pricing, you can study users as they visit your store, and develop a deeper understanding of their behavior with qualitative and quantitative data. Get a 45-day Hotjar free trial on Hotjar pricing with this deal.


Get critical user behavior and website heatmap analytics with’s deal on Hotjar pricing.


  • Filter your session recordings basis common user behavior
  • Analyze dynamic content.
  • Personalize feedback to align with your brand.
  • Initiate surveys such as Net Promoter Score® after specific user actions.

Get valuable insights into user behavior through heatmaps, session recordings, surveys, and feedback forms. Hotjar will help you identify user pain points, track user interactions and conversion rates, and improve website design, usability, and user experience. All in one platform.

Everything that’s included in the Hotjar pricing

100 sessions/day Included
365-day data storage Included
Automatic and continuous data capture Included
Unlimited heatmaps Included
Highlights Included
Filter and segment data Included
Events API Included

Identify user pain points

Track user interactions and identify areas of your website that may be causing confusion or frustration.

Improve conversion rates

Understand how users interact with your website to optimize for conversions.

Understand website usability

Get insights into how users navigate your website to make design and layout improvements that improve the overall user experience.

Get user feedback

Hotjar offers a variety of feedback options, including surveys such as Net Promoter Score®, polls, and forms, that allow you to gather direct feedback from your users.

Hotjar features you will love

  • Get critical input in understanding user behavior: Quickly identify user pain points, product confusion, journey patterns, clicks, scrolls, & more.
  • Prevent users from bouncing off: Get insights into why users are exiting before performing the desired action and take measures to improve conversion.
  • Try A/B testing: Test different elements of your website, such as headlines or call-to-action buttons, to see what performs better.
  • Integrate with other tools: Link up Hotjar with platforms such as Wix, Google Analytics, WordPress, Shopify, etc.

How to redeem this deal on Hotjar pricing

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  • Step 2 - Create your account

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  • Step 3 - Redeem your deal

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Why you need this coupon for a 45-day Hotjar trial

Website analytics tools such as Hotjar can give you user data, website heatmaps, and behavior analytics tools can put you in your customer's shoes as they scroll through your store. You can check where your website gains the most attention and what makes users drop off.

Important Hotjar features

  • Visualization features: Heatmaps visually represent where users click, move, and scroll on your site. With this context, you'll learn how users really behave.
  • Session recording features: View recordings of user movements on your site like rage clicks, wu-turns, and more. Use them to identify and solve issues in seconds.
  • Feedback features: A real-time suggestion box on your site lets users give feedback about individual parts, right from page and form, to images.
  • Survey & poll features: Use targeted surveys to validate your ideas and better understand your users.

What people love about Hotjar

Hotjar is easy to set up and use.

How Hotjar compares to Hotjar alternatives

A detailed comparison of Hotjar vs Fullstory and Microsoft Clarity vs Hotjar shows, that while Hotjar’s pricing model includes a free plan same as Fullstory and Microsoft Clarity, Hotjar’s bug tracking and integration features make it the clear winner.

Free plan Included IncludedIncluded
Heatmaps Included IncludedIncluded
Sessions recording Included IncludedIncluded
Bug tracking Included Not includedNot included
5+ integrations Included Not includedNot included
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