.Store Domains

.Store Domains

.Store Standard Domain Registration

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.Store Domains

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.Store Standard Domain Registration

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What is .Store Domains?

.Store Domains is a leading domain extension for the retail and eCommerce industry and has been the choice of some of the world’s most notable brands, creators, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Save 97% on a .Store domain with Elevate.store's deal.


Register a meaningful and relevant domain name on .Store Domains.


  • Relative newness means a greater chance to find preferred domain names
  • Most relevant domain extension for eCommerce stores
  • Portrays a ‘Buy Now’ message at first glance
  • Trusted by big names and small business owners alike
  • Get a .Store domain name for just $0.99/year with Elevate.store

.Store is a good new top-level domain for eCommerce businesses. With a .Store domain, you can let any visitor know what your website is about at a glance. It also gives you a chance to claim your preferred domain name in a saturated internet namespace.

Save time and marketing dollars

Find the perfect domain name quickly. Position your website as a “store” without spending much on marketing.

Attract relevant customers

Be found on search engines. Every month, 192,500,000 Google searches in the US contain the word “store” across 7,500,000 unique keywords.

Build your credibility

Make a promise of credibility to your customers. .Store is 100% committed to ensuring that all .Store domains are used qualitatively.

Get access to Elevate+

Enjoy up to 2x higher discounts, limited edition deals & special programs to grow your business.

How to redeem this .Store Domain discount

  • Step 1 - Select your deal

    Click on ‘Get Deal’ on this page to get 97% off a .Store domain name.

  • Step 2 - Create your account

    Sign up to get the deal in your Elevate.store account.

  • Step 3 - Redeem your deal

    Click on ‘View Code’ to get the discount code. Redeem on the .Store Domains website.

Why you need a .Store Domain

.Store Domains is dedicated to ensuring that all their registered domains are used qualitatively. This helps your store build credibility from the get-go. To top that, several celebrities and popular brands use .Store domains to sell online, making it highly relevant and recognizable for your audience.

Important .Store Domains features

  • Branding: Get short, memorable, and eCommerce-relevant domain names
  • Uniqueness: Stand out from the crowd and competitors with a unique website name
  • Bonus feature: Get access to Elevate+ and get up to 2x more discounts on Elevate.store deals

What people love about .Store Domains

Makes the online store easier to remember especially if the word before it is catchy and complements it.

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