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Just Content Plan

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$250 in credit

What is #paid?

Hashtagpaid helps you build and reach your audience with relatable and engaging content created by experienced creators for various platforms. Get $250 in Credit on influencer marketing services with Elevate.store’s Hashtagpaid deal. You can get $500 in Credit instead if you use a .Store domain.


Build and reach your audience with the help of experienced content creators on Hashtagpaid.


  • Get matched with the ideal creators for your campaign
  • Chat directly with your creators
  • Maintain complete creative control over the content
  • Use creator handles to run successful paid ad campaigns
  • Receive easy-to-read insights and reports on campaign performance
  • Get $250 in Credit on #paid with Elevate.store
  • Get $500 in Credit instead if you use a .Store domain

Build and reach your audience with the help of experienced content creators. Hashtagpaid helps you engage your customers on various platforms with creator-generated, relatable, and engaging content.

Everything that’s included in Hashtagpaid

Unlimited campaigns/month Included
Basic audience demographics Included
1 brand/account Included
Campaign builder Included
Inbox Included
Content approval Included
Content library Included
Analytics and insights Included
Multi-user account permissions Included
Auto contracting and payments Included
Guest campaign access Included
Credit Card payments Included
Help center Included
Email and chat support Included
Training webinars Included

Find the right creators

Handraise™ uses your brief to match you with creators ideal for your campaign.

Chat directly with creators

Stay in touch, on track, and on time.

Total approval rights

Nothing goes live until you're satisfied.

Paid ads via creator handles

Use creator content and handles to run better-performing paid social ads.

Dead-simple insights and reporting

Get insights and reports that are easy to read and help you make smarter targeting decisions.

Hashtagpaid features you’ll love

  • Unlimited campaigns - Run as many campaigns as you want to per month
  • Complete creative control - Nothing gets posted unless it has your seal of approval
  • Analytics and insights - Get easy-to-read insights and reports into campaigns that help you make better decisions in the future
  • High-performing paid campaigns - Use already established creator accounts to run paid ad campaigns for your brand

How to redeem this Hashtagpaid discount coupon

  • Step 1 - Select your deal

    Click on ‘Get Deal’ on this page to get $250 in credits for #paid.

  • Step 2 - Create your account

    Sign up to get the deal in your Elevate.store account.

  • Step 3 - Redeem your deal

    Click on ‘View Code’ to get the discount code. Redeem on the #paid website.

Why you need this Hashtagpaid deal

Your audience is on Tiktok & Instagram, discovering and interacting with brands. To draw their attention, you need engaging promotional content, and Hashtagpaid’s influencer marketing platform can find experienced content creators to help you make it.

Important #paid features

  • Campaign features: Campaign builder, content library, content approval, guest campaign access, analytics and insights
  • Support features: Help center, email and chat support, training webinars

What people love about #paid

You find great qualified creators all with pricing that makes sense on a budget.

Eligibility criteria for the Just Content plan

  • Offer valid for new users only
  • To redeem the offer, fill up the form on our link
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